U-Shaped Children Toothbrush - 360º Soft Children Safe Materials

U-Shaped Children Toothbrush - 360º Soft Children Safe Materials

U-Shaped Children Toothbrush - 360º Soft Children Safe Materials

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Having a hard time teaching your kid how to brush their teeth?
Irregular and unclean brushing can cause bad breath and other tooth problems.
Let your child fall in love with tooth brushing!💕
The unique U-Shaped Brush Head cleans all sides of your kids teeth all at once while developing good brushing habits and reducing the occurrence of tooth decay. The soft, rounded bristles are gentle on your little one's teeth and gums.

With our new Global Trend™ Toothbrush the days of toothbrushing tantrums are over. Just apply the tooth paste and shake the brush in the mouth left and right to clean teeth. This way all teeth are brushed in a playful way at the same time. Tooth brushing has never been easier.



  • Safe Materials - The lightweight and easy-grip handle provides comfort and control. It's now safe, fast, and convenient for kids to brush their teeth and super easy to use at home or during travel. We offer two cute colours to increase your child's interest in brushing.

  • We only use the highest quality food grade silicone for our innovative brush head. It is resistant to high temperatures and can be disinfected anytime. This makes the toothbrush extra durable for months to use. This soft silicone material protects your kids' gums and enamel.
  • Shaped similarly to children's teeth - Our ergonomic U-Shaped Brush Head is perfectly suitable for the shape and mechanics of children's teeth structure. It is uniquely designed for children's tender gums and sensitive teeth. The cute and interesting brush appearance makes kids more interested in brushing their teeth.
  • Easily brush your kid's teeth! - Having a hard time teaching your kid how to brush their teeth? Let your child to fall in love with tooth brushing.
  1. Rinse with water before use.
  2. Apply toothpaste on brush head.
  3. Shake the brush head horizontally from left to right to get the 360° cleaning experience.
  4. Brush for 2 minutes and keep changing the position from the upper to the lower row of teeth.
  5. Rinse properly after use.
  • Simple Steps to Brush Teeth - Shake the toothpaste before squeezing around the brush then put inside your kid's mouth and just sway left to right. Rinse after using. This is so easy that you can also teach your kids to do it!
  • 360 Cleansing Method - Our innovative toothbrush is engineered as per the latest dental engineering to safely clean all sides of your child’s teeth. It supports healthy gums and strong enamel development.


Our innovative Global Trend™ Toothbrush is perfect for gifting and loved by parents and kids from all around the world. If you want to surprise your partner, family, friends and colleagues with a special and useful gift, look no further - we ship worldwide for you!
Question: How long does it take to arrive?
Answer: The standard shipping is 7-15 days. 


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