Global Trend™ Rotating 360° - Cleaning Mop

Global Trend™ Rotating 360° - Cleaning Mop

Global Trend™ Rotating 360° - Cleaning Mop

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"Do you have problems cleaning because your mop does not adapt to any surface and shape?"

"This 360° rotating mop will solve your cleaning duties in very simple ways."

1 - 8 Basic Technologies : Wide applications

  • Scratch synchronization.
  • High position cleaning.
  • Triangular design.
  • Nanofiber cloth.
  • 360 ° no dead alleys.
  • 1 second cloth change
  • Multiple functions
  • Hanging storage.

2 - Types of mops for different scenes.

  • Types of mops.
  • Types of scenes.

3. Splicing freely - 5 Steel tubes can reach 267cm, high places can also be cleaned, double cleaning, scraping and cleaning, saving worry and effort.

  • Clean glass, air conditioners, ceilings, holes, cars, walls, ceiling lights, toilets, etc.

4. 360 ° Rotation to clean with no dead spots, sucks stains, absorbs dust, can treat dry and wet stains.

2 - Types of wipes - Have strong water absorption and are easy to clean except to remove dirt, easy to clean, and can be used repeatedly.

4 Installation steps:

Step 1: attach the tray with the rod;

Step 2: stop, turn and tighten the rods;

Step 3: Adjust the fiber cloth and the hoop and loop closely;

Step 4: Install the chenille fabric and place the stretch fabric on the tray.


Package 1: 2 Sections (2 mop rods * ,2mops * , 1mop head * )

Package 2: 3 Sections (3 mop rods * ,2 mops 2 * , 1 mop head * )

Package 3: 4 Sections (4 mop rod * ,2 mops * ,1 mop head * )

Package 4: 5 Sections (5 mop rods * ,2 mop * ,1 mop head * )



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