Smart Draining Board - Foldable Cutting Basket

Smart Draining Board - Foldable Cutting Basket

Smart Draining Board - Foldable Cutting Basket

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"Problems with having too many utensils?"

This Product has 4 uses in 1. Our customers love it.

Product Description

  1. Foldable: This basket is foldable, from being a food storage basket, it is 100% foldable to being flat and used as a chopping board. Save space!

  1. Ergonomic Design: It is the great innovation, this basket adapts to your tasks with 100% subtlety, and helps you work fast, smart and not hard.

  1. Polypropylene Material: The material is developed and manufactured with Polypropylene, it is a material used especially for food, it has great resistance, highly durable, odors resistant, stain resistant to preserve hygiene, not easily deformed.

      1. 4 in 1: Store all kinds of food, use it as a chopping board, at the same time use it to wash, as draining basket and fold it to save space!.

      1. Save Space: Favorite product of our customers because they save a lot of space, designed for easy storage and carrying that can be expanded and collapsed to 1/3 (less than 1.5 inches) of its original height for compact storage.

      Product Dimensions: 40*30*13,5 cm



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