Automatic Cats Water Fountain - 1.5L USB Filtered Fountain

Automatic Cats Water Fountain - 1.5L USB Filtered Fountain

Automatic Cats Water Fountain - 1.5L USB Filtered Fountain

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Naturally Tempting

Emulates a gentle bubbling fountain with moving water and bubbles so your dogs and cats know the water is safe and fresh. There's nothing quite like seeing your little loved one do it on their own.

Pet Safeguarded Material

Our pet water fountain is made of finely cleaned Antibacterial PP gum, Non-toxic, Odourless and BPA free materials. Our pet fountain detects low water level.

Quiet and Peaceful

Worried that the noise will scare your little one or disturb their sleep? When it came to noise, we had one goal: it had to be quiet enough to be in your room. That's why our source runs at 38dB; so quiet we had to add a night light to keep it from being knocked over in the dark.

Fresh water 24/7

It sits at the perfect height for most pets to drink comfortably while preventing spills. With the base taking up less space than a bathroom scale. And with a 2.2L capacity, which lasts about a month for most cats and dogs, you have the freedom to be away without worrying about your pet's hydration.


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